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Dr. Hema Pant

Dr. Hema Pant

Dermatologist ( MBBS, MD Dermatology )
  1. Gold Medalist
  2. International Trainer for Botox & Fillers
  3. Key Opinion Leader in Aesthetic Procedure
  4. Head Medical Advisor “KAYA SKIN CLINIC” New Delhi
  5. Faculty

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Dr. Hema Pant is a dermatologist with their profound interest in cosmetic dermatology and facial contouring. She is zealous about her work and always puts her best efforts in refining the work of her juniors. Her academic interests and the pursuit for knowledge and new inventions take her to all the international forums of Cosmetic Dermatology and anti-aging medicine. Amalgamating the art of aesthetics and knowledge of medicine with new technologies gives her the strength and proficiency to touch people’s life. This is the most satiating part of her profession and elixir of her life. Her strategies on deciding the treatments are the key which aids all her patients.

About Clinic

Skin lifting and tightening is something that almost every ageing person craves for. No one likes saggy,crinkly skin as it impedes their otherwise overall attractive personality. Individuals who are desperate to get rid of ageing tolls can certainly go through the broad range of non-surgical thermage skin tightening procedures that SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic in South Delhi, India offers. SCULPT Clinic is a legendary name in the arena of skin tightening treatments in particular. Here, all the processes are carried out in the supervision of expert and veteran skin specialists. So, you can surely rely on the credibility of the clinic.

Thermage in Delhi, India

Young folks rarely panic about wrinkles and drooping of body skin as their skin gets profusion of natural proteins which make it smooth, lax and pliable. Proteins viz. elastin and collagen give the skin its tone and texture. However, aging of the body results in loss of elasticity of the skin because of significant decrease in manufacture of elastin and collagen in the body. Subsequently, you experience cracking, drooping and aridness of skin predominantly on arms, around breasts and neck. For folks suffering from crinkles and lines on face and other portions of the body, thermage skin tightening procedure in Delhi is the best non-surgical route to recuperate a younger look.

Thermage skin treatment is an FDA-approved cosmetic process used for skin tightening, wrinkle lessening and the easing of other signs of aging. Primarily, thermage treatment is a non-invasive approach used to tauten up and contour the face and body with no downtime and no surgical jeopardies. Thermage employs the body’s own collagen-making progression to craft natural improvement that can last up to ten years. Skin looks strikingly tauter, smoother and younger and in many circumstances, the outcomes are analogous to plastic surgery. It is painless, non-invasive and necessitates no recovery time, yet offers instantaneous and unfailingly admirable results.

Thermage skin tightening procedure implemented by specialists in Delhi encompasses the use of a radio frequency device for confiscating wrinkles and encouraging growth of collagen. The first step in this process is to apply a cooling spray to the skin for safety from heat. The collagens in the skin are then heated using a thermocool wand. The lower sheets of skin get heated and rapidly start to tighten. The whole thermage skin tightening procedure takes 30 to 60 minutes contingent on size of the region you are treating. Though there is no aching, you need to tolerate heating sensation on the skin numerous times. Your skin is sheltered against heated wand with the aid of cooling spray throughout the procedure.

Patients who crave for more subtle outcomes and speedier recovery than are conceivable with surgical facelift techniques are often idyllic candidates for Thermage. Skin tightening with the Thermage ThermaCool system is also advantageous for patients who are developing noticeable folds and drooping in regions of the face but are not considered appropriate contenders for a traditional face lift. Thermage is a superb treatment alternative for patients who wish to lessen the appearance of subtle facial crinkling and wilting skin. If you want to revive your face without undergoing a more invasive technique like facelift, Thermage may be the ultimate treatment for you in New Delhi, India. Let’s have a discussion with renowned dermatologist about procedure, cost and other factors of thermage

Suitable contenders for the treatment include:

  • Patients who are not contenders for surgical facelift
  • Middle-aged females starting to show signs of neck/brow/eyelid drooping
  • Middle-aged females beginning to show signs of wilting jowls/cheek folds
  • Patients who desire to accomplish subtle lift or tightening of the face without hostile surgery
  • Patients who have had a previous facelift and want further tightening of the skin
  • Poor candidates for Thermage embrace patients who are eyeing for more vivid upshots, such as those that can be attained with a surgical facelift.

Thermage treatment is non-invasive, which means that recovery is reasonably fast and simple. This is the major benefit of Thermage as equated to surgical facelift techniques. Its outcomes incline to become obvious over the course of some months after treatment, although the skin will instantly feel tighter and firmer than it did before the treatment. The side effects are minor; only one percent of individuals who opt for skin tightening thermage process experience side-effects such as swelling, redness, bumps and wounds, which do not last for more than 10 days.

Thermage in general improves the appearance of each patient’s skin to some point, but patients with healthier skin are disposed to experience more vivid outcomes. While treatment outcomes have been detected to last for at least 2 years, many studies specify that the advantageous changes to skin collagen can last over 2 years in some circumstances. As with essentially all skin restorative methods, including surgical facelifts, the original aging signs may gradually reoccurr as the aging and sun mutilation process continues.

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