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Thermage is a non-invasive skin tightening treatment that can tauten up the skin on your face and near your eyes.

Lots of individuals have been considering Thermage skin tightening in India, but they don’t have all of the fine points that they need to make a well-versed decision. The body has a natural aptitude to renovate collagen, which what gives your skin its young-looking appearance. Thermage is adept of stimulating the body, so it naturally creates more collagen. The outcome is natural, gorgeous skin, and the process necessitates nominal downtime.

How thermage works

Thermage is non-invasive, benign and proven. To completely comprehend how this process works, you need to know a little bit about your skin. Your face comprises of three diverse layers of skin. There is the surface layer, the middle layer and the subcutaneous layer, which is recognized as the fat layer. The mid layer of skin is opulent with collagen. The lowest layer also has many collagen fibers. Over time, the collagen in these sheets deplete for a multiplicity of diverse reasons. Weight loss, smoking, sun exposure and heredities can all affect the levels of collagen in your face. The aging procedure is responsible for triggering a decline in collagen. As you start to lose collagen, you begin to develop wrinkles and drooping in your face. Surface skin treatments cannot help in collagen manufacturing. Thermage uses radiofrequency technology, which securely applies heat to the diverse layers of your skin, which yields an instantaneous tightening effect. Put simply, thermage applies heat in a way that arouses collagen production.

What can it treat?

Practically anybody can profit from augmented collagen production after thermage. However, it can be used to treat many particular disorders. It can give you smoother, flatter skin on your arms, bottoms, legs and stomach. It can lift, firm and tauten your skin. Thermage can treat crinkles above the knees and it can aid you if you need leveled dimples. Thermage is also effective for drooping cheeks and jowls. If you have crow’s feet and furrows around your eyes, then you can possibly benefit from Thermage. It has also been used for folks who have cellulite on their buttocks and thighs. Thermage has assisted patients who have flaccid skin on their love handles and slack belly skin. It can even be used to treat eyelids and other delicate zones.


Thermage has many advantages to offer. If you are thinking about undergoing this process, you can anticipate improved skin texture and tauter skin. It will also make your skin much glibber. It can be used to redefine the contours along your chin and jawline and it can unstiffen fine lines and creases. It can tighten up, contour and smooth your skin, so you can get a young-looking appearance. Since Thermage arouses your body’s natural collagen manufacturing, it causes your skin to improve spontaneously. One of the supreme benefits of this procedure is that it doesn’t entail surgery.